About us


A MY ROBOT SCHOOL é uma escola de robótica e programação criada para atender crianças, jovens e adultos que desejam entender e dominar as tecnologias da Era Digital.

Surgimos na Coreia do Sul, em 2008, e rapidamente expandimos para mais de 16 países contando atualmente com mais de 350 unidade em todo mundo. 

Além de tudo isso, somos os organizadores de uma das maiores competições de robótica do mundo, a “IYRC” CAMPEONATO INTERNACIONAL ESTUDANTIL DE ROBÓTICA e nossos alunos podem até se classificar para a etapa Mundial do evento e conhecer outros países e culturas.

The difference between MY ROBOT SCHOOL and the other technology schools is the innovative teaching method, composed of state-of-the-art technology respecting world patterns of quality. Besides, MY ROBOT SCHOOL is the own fabricant of the robotics kits, what advantages the flexibility of adapting to the didactic content in each country and favors the constant updating.
Another differential is that MY ROBOT SCHOOL offers to its students the opportunity of taking part of regional, state and national stages of one of the biggest robotics events in the world, IYRC (International Youth Robot Competition), having yet the opportunity of taking the students to the worldwide stage of this well known event.


Being national and international reference in teaching technology and innovations. Train people for the future, ensuring their school competitiveness and employability.


Assure quality education in technology to our students, contributing to their educational and professional ascension. Provide value to our franchisees based on a solid and profitable growth. Provide the growth of our collaborators and inspire them to new challenges.

Promover o crescimento dos nossos colaboradores e inspirá-los em novos desafios

More about us

MY ROBOT SCHOOL is a school that uses state-of-the-art technology for teaching robotics and programming. At MY ROBOT SCHOOL our students of all the ages can materialize their ideas, creating their own projects, sharpening their creativity and developing a technologic and constructive view about the future. They are stimulated in each project to become more investigative having the opportunity to develop their learning through acquired knowledge, their experiences, challenges and group work.